Puma Leather Casual Shoes - Men's

44.25 ~ 59 USD

Puma Leather Casual Shoes - Men's
Built for high-speed comfort, the Puma Leather Casual Shoes - Men's is ready to help carry you to a new PB.

Encap Heel Airbag cushions your foot.
Heel and forefoot Zoom Air units deliver responsiveness.
Puma Ferrari Shoes | Wholesale Puma Casual Shoes Puma Leather Casual Shoes - Men's [Puma Leather Casual Shoes XQB 02] -
Rubber outsole with traction pattern for grip on any surface.
Shank area has BZM which provides stiff support that helps players decelerate.
Low-profile Phylon™ midsole wedge adds cushioning while keeping the shoe light and low to the track.

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