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Puma Faas 300 TR v2 NC CAMO

  • Model: 18741401-Puma

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Monolayer net cloth shoes vamp: drainage: in cross-country travel can fast drainage, provides mild protection, at the same time don't increase the weight of the foot. EVERFIT: lock the instep technology, in the condition of without interfering with the foot's natural movement, midway through the fixed foot or heel at the same time; Runway light: 2 m reflective support article also increased visibility in the night; PROTECTIVE TPU TIP: in different road conditions, providing the most without the burden of protection; U throat gaiters; D ring - can choose to wear.
Base: in FaasFoam + base: in a PUMA new patent mix rubber molding, more wear-resisting, wearing more comfortable. Rhythm feeling better, less than 25% of the weight FaasFoam; ESS Rock Plate contains add hard foam rubber with feet on solid stone pavement along the required protection. A integrated mobile vamp provide more unique cross-country sense.
Outsole: multiple guiding grip outsole: increase in slope and uneven pavement when running the grip. Contact EverTrack: in common use high wear-resisting rubber, increase the wear resistance. EVERGrip: high wear resistance sticky rubber grip; Front foot bending groove: more smooth conversion and marching up.
Features: our new light weight atomic absorption spectrometry size shoe is built close to the ground, so you can feel it trails. In the uneven surface, it can provide the inherent stability. Multiple ears increased under the condition of dry or wet rock protection board in insoles provide great traction and grip, protect the foot of sharp rocks and stones. Ephone silver upper system provides a support system, let your feet can lock on this platform, no matter you are what kind of clues. Two-dimensional reflection Formstripe and camouflage printed will let you can see in the dark hours of path.
Puma Faas 300 TR v2 NC CAMO Running Shoes.

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